America is a Republic, and so is Chariho

January 29, 2009

Make no mistake, we are not a democracy.  We are a republic. And this is actually a good thing.  I’m not going to get into all the details that separate the two but the basic gist is that in a republic, such as ours, everyone is granted protection, there is a universal set of laws that govern our activities and we utilize a representative government to get our business done. On the other hand,  in a strict democracy, everyone has a vote on everything and all that counts is the majority will at that time that the majority decides what it wants to do.  And this is not necessarily a good thing.  It sets up a system where mob-rule takes over and leads to the term “tyranny of the majority”.  It gets more complex than that and I’ve left a lot out, but you get the point.  If you need an example, how about this:

I do not vote in Congress unless I am elected to Congress (state or federal).  I can bitch and moan at my representative and vote for a representative I like better, but the responsibility for his or her vote is his or hers alone.  I really have very little power.  And consequently, the “mob” has very little power.  And because of our Constitution, we all have protections and a set of laws that can’t be easily violated.  Imagine if we were all required to vote for every act of state legislature?  We would do nothing else.  This is a pretty extreme example of a pure democracy, but this is a pretty good example for you.

So what about the Chariho/NEA negotiations?  Should we all get a vote in that?  A lot of people think that the negotiations should be public.  Essentially, that we should all be able to see what is going on so that we can influence the outcome.  Let’s be honest, if we have no intention of trying to influence the outcome, there is really no need to observe the process, is there?  Clearly, from some of the discussions I have read on other local forums, we are all too busy to participate in our own children’s education.  If this is the case (and it seems like it is), we certainly don’t have the free time to observe the process unless we plan to corrupt it.  The Westerly Sun has the following quote:

The school committee considered conducting negotiations publicly, but decided that would be inefficient, said Eaves.
Hawkins said, “It makes it extremely difficult to conduct negotiations with the entire public.”

And the point is well made.  We elected these fools to the School Board.  Felkner the fool, Eaves the fool, McQuade the fool, etc.  Obviosuly, they are all fools.  Who but a fool would want such a dismal job?  But we elected them and it is their job to do what we elected them for.  It is not our job, as the citizenry, to negotiate teacher contracts.  Similarly, it is not our job to go busting drug dealers or stopping speeders along I-95.  We all have a job in this Republic.  The Chariho system runs like every other facet of Republic America.  We elected them, they do the job.  They do not want the process to be public and that is their decision.  If, however, we don’t like the results of these negotiations, it is our job to vote these fools out and vote in some new fools.

The other aspect to this that I have really left out is that teachers have rights too.  Most people do not seem to realize that.  The teachers and their union are treated like criminals and miscreants.  Slouches, bums, on-the-dole, good-for-nothing slime balls.  Why do we hate education so much in America?  Why do we hate teachers?  We refuse to teach our own kids and then get upset when we don’t think someone else is doing a good enough job?   Are we all just a bunch of self-conscious stupid monkeys who fear learnin’ and edumacation?  Or are we just a bunch of assholes?  I’m voting for us all being assholes.

And the whole issue of transparency is overblown.  It is generally wasted effort.  People who want to get away with something will get away with something, transparency or not.  I’ve seen a bunch of Town Councils violate Open Meetings Laws and it turns out, there are no consequences!  Shinning a bright light on anything only matters if anyone cares.  And no one does…   

Here’s a fun example:  If I want to, I could get the FBI’s file on me (assuming they have one and I doubt I’m important enough for them to care about me).  So consider my getting the file an act of “transparency”.  What on god’s green Earth am I going to do with it if I get it?  What does it matter if I get it?  It’s a pointless exercise, but it might give me something to do with all my free time.

9 Responses to “America is a Republic, and so is Chariho”

  1. msheldon22 Says:

    Hm yes I would seriously suggest anyone living in Hopkinton immediately click onto the link below! To see what has been put in a file about you that you might not be aware of ! Also if any NCIC checks have been done illegally [felony] ! Like Scuncio did on Mauti in the Westerly Police dept with Capt lauren Matarese the night before the false arrest upon Mauti ! Make sure you ask for all requests from any/all police depts. Scuncio as we have seen is conniving going into a different department/station not Hopkinton. So if one requests the FBI to check HPD running an NCIC you might not find it,check all. Call Tina Norton, Boston,FBI to walk you through it she is very nice : 1-617-223-6120. She’ll give you the Boston address to mail it to. Then it goes to DC . It must be notarized.
    Good Luck ! A class action might take place for any violations of your civil rights.

  2. msheldon22 Says:

    Link to find out who has run an NCIC back ground check on you and was it done illegally ! Cops can do a BCI local run but NCIC requires certain documentation and reasons to do. Otherwise it’s illegal a felony ! Remember to ask for any/all depts who requested info on you . Call Tina Norton to walk you through at FBI 1-617-223-6120 .

  3. msheldon22 Says:

    Sex offender to curtail Internet use
    01:00 AM EST on Saturday, January 31, 2009
    By Talia Buford

    Journal Staff Writer

    SOUTH KINGSTOWN — The Richmond man who pleaded no contest to possessing child pornography in Superior Court on Wednesday received a list of additional stipulations yesterday that he must abide by as a part of his probation.

    Daniel R. Davidson, 37, of 216 Carolina Nooseneck Rd., was sentenced to six years’ probation by Judge Bennett R. Gallo, after the police discovered “several videos, depicting prepubescent boys and girls engaged in sexual intercourse,” when they seized his computer on an unrelated cyberstalking charge.

    As a part of his probation, Davidson can only access the Internet through a provider specified by the court.

    All computers in his home, whether they have Internet access or not, must be approved by the court, and Davidson may not use any computer or other device with Internet access that has not been approved by the probation office or the court, including computers at libraries, schools or hotels.

    He can’t buy a computer or any device with Internet access without permission from the court.

    Davidson must use his first and last names as usernames or to open any Internet account. He can not use anything that would obscure his identity or online activity, such as file shredder programs or proxy servers, nor can he have any tools or software used for testing computer, network or security vulnerabilities.

    He must always keep a minimum of four weeks of browser history, and must report all existing or new e-mail accounts to the probation office.

    In addition, Davidson is prohibited from any real-time chat programs, and is not allowed to download any picture, video or audio files featuring children in any way.

    He is also prohibited from any unsupervised contact with any children.

    Davidson must submit to random searches of his home to ensure that he is complying with the provisions, Gallo said.

    In addition, said Craig N. Berke, spokesman for the Judiciary, Davidson must register as a sex offender as a stipulation of the plea agreement.

  4. msheldon22 Says:
    link above to video of Davidson in Court
    Cameraman ordered to register as sex offender

    By Chris Keegan
    The Sun Staff
    WAKEFIELD — A judge has ordered a former PBS cameraman convicted of possessing child pornogra­phy to register as a sex offender.
    On Friday, Superior Court Associate Justice Bennet R. Gallo ordered Daniel R. Davidson, 37, of 216 Carolina Back Road, Richmond, to register as a sex offender as a condition of the “no contest” plea he entered Wednesday. He has been ordered to serve six years of probation for pos­sessing a video clip of chil­dren having sex on his home computer.
    Michael Healey, spokesman for Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, said Gallo also entered a two-page list of conditions that Davidson must follow as part of the sentence. The judge issued a no-contact order that prohibits the 37­year-old from having any unsupervised contact with minors without prior approval from probation officials.
    “Davidson waived his Fourth Amendment rights, which means effectively that the probation depart­ment can enter his home at any ti me to monitor his use of a computer,” Healey said. A former private investi­gator, a videographer and a survivor of the Station nightclub fire in 2003, Davidson served as a public access cameraman for the Rhode Island PBS Foundation before he was fired for undisclosed rea­sons last summer. (He also builds and sells marijuana leaf-shaped guitars online under the banner of “Sweet Leaf Guitars.”) He was charged with pos­sessing child pornography after Rhode Island State Police seized computer equipment from his home in October 2007 as part of a cyberstalking investiga­tion.
    Davidson, who posted videos depicting the mur­dered son of former PA-TV 18 show host Marilyn Sheldon to, said the homemade movies were political satire — and retaliation against Sheldon for trying to get him fired from his job. A District Court judge allowed him to enter a so-called Alford plea in the cyberstalking case last spring, which is not an admission of guilt.
    “I felt my little retalia­tion was just that, you know,” Davidson told police in an interview following the October search. “Like I said before, you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you times two. But if you’re not, you know, I’m gonna let you know… in a nice way. I’m not gonna shoot you. I’m not a killer. Even though I love guns… Everybody should love guns.”
    “It’s the American dream, and some dreams are dif­ferent than others,” he added later of his interest in firearms and Second Amendment rights.
    During a review of the seized computer equip­ment, a member of the Computer Crimes Unit found a video depicting pre­pubescent females engaged in sexual activity. Police obtained a warrant to search the equipment for child porn, and subsequent­ly found three additional files — including one show­ing prepubescent girls and boys having sexual inter­course.
    Another depicted an adult woman engaged in bestiality, according to court documents.

  5. msheldon22 Says:

    Police Digest
    01:00 AM EST on Friday, January 30, 2009

    Man enters plea in child pornography case

    SOUTH KINGSTOWN — A Richmond man withdrew a dismissal motion in Washington County Superior Court and pleaded no contest to a single charge of possessing child pornography.

    Daniel R. Davidson, 37, of 216 Carolina Nooseneck Rd., was sentenced to six years of probation by Judge Bennett R. Gallo, who set another court date for today to impose special conditions on the sentence in addition to probation, according to Michael J. Healey, spokesman for the attorney general’s office.

    Davidson pleaded no contest last year to charges of cyberstalking Marilyn Sheldon, a former Rhode Island public access television show host. He posted offensive videos on YouTube showing the image of the convicted killer of Sheldon’s son and the message “Remember me, get ready to die, you did a bad thing.”

    His cyberstalking case was filed for a year. Davidson videotaped town meetings for PA-TV 18, the public-access branch of the Rhode Island Public Broadcasting Foundation. He also shot video and photos the night of The Station nightclub fire which were featured on local news outlets.

    The police seized several computers and video equipment as a part of the cyberstalking case and discovered “several videos, depicting prepubescent boys and girls engaged in sexual intercourse,” according to a state police affidavit.

    — Talia Buford

  6. msheldon22 Says:

    Man sentenced in child porn case

    By Chris Keegan
    The Sun Staff
    WAKEFIELD — A former PBS camera­man charged with possessing child pornography has been ordered to serve six years of probation, with additional condi­tions that have yet to be set.
    Daniel R. Davidson, 37, of 216 Carolina Nooseneck Road, Richmond, pleaded no contest Wednesday to one count of pos­sessing child pornography, which stemmed from a court-approved search of his home by Rhode Island State Police in
    October 2007. He had previously pleaded not guilty.
    Michael Healey, spokesman for Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, said Superior Court Judge Bennett R. Gallo was prepared to hear Davidson’s motion to dismiss the charge on Wednesday morning. But during the court’s afternoon session, Davidson’s attorney Ralph E. Chiodo withdrew the motion, and Davidson pleaded no contest, he said.
    Gallo has scheduled a hearing on Friday morning, at which time he will impose additional conditions on Davidson. Prosecutors had previously offered the former cameraman a plea deal in the case, which he rejected.
    “[The judge] will detail the conditions and order them on Friday,” Healey said. “The court was not prepared to do that [on Thursday].”
    Rhode Island State Police executed a search warrant at Davidson’s home and seized numerous computers and hard drives as part of a cyberstalking investigation. He was later charged for p roducing and posting videos to, which depicted the murdered son of for­mer public access television host Marilyn Sheldon set to the music of lounge singer Richard Cheese.
    The video’s soundtrack included the lyrics, “Remember me, get ready to die, you did a bad thing.”
    Over the objection of state prosecutors, District Court Judge William C. Clifton accepted an Alford plea in the misdemeanor case last April — which is not an admis­sion of guilt, but an acknowledgement that sufficient evi­dence exists for a prosecutor to convince a judge or jury that a defendant is guilty.
    But while reviewing a Sony Vaio laptop hard drive, a member of the state police Computer Crimes Unit found a video file depicting prepubescent females engaged in sexual activity. Police subsequently obtained a warrant to search the equipment for child porn, and found three additional files — one of which involved prepubescent girls and boys engaged i n sexual activity, while another depicted an adult woman engaged in bestiality, accord­ing to court documents.
    A third file contained a cartoon titled, “Show this training video to your daughter to get her ready.”
    Davidson, a private investigator and a familiar face behind the camera at local town council meetings, sparked controversy in Charlestown last May when he spoke out from behind the camera at a council meeting during a debate on the sale of balloons and American flags at the annual Memorial Day Parade — prompting then-Town Administrator Edward M. Barrett to file a complaint with the Rhode Island PBS Foundation.
    Davidson, who had been warned for speaking out at Richmond meetings, was subsequently fired for undis­closed reasons.

  7. boffthis Says:

    What the heck does MSSHELDONs post have to do with this article? C’mon mederator, clean it up.

  8. iamishmael Says:

    You don’t know the half of it.

  9. boffthis Says:

    Does she just look for any blank space to post things that have nothing to do with the original article? ooohhhh, Maybe she will sue if you edit her foolishness or try to put it where it belongs?!?

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